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Technosphere Safety

Nowadays enterprises pose an increased hazard to the environment and population. Technosphere safety specialists minimize the negative consequences and risks of man-made impacts and are in high demand in all industries.

Training program

  • Management of Integrated Technosphere Safety, managed by Yulia Vladimirovna Anishchenko, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Control and Diagnostics Department,
    Research School of Chemical and Biomedical Technologies: +7 (3822) 701777 x 1916, Building No. 18, office 310,

Graduates are able to provide effective management of a comprehensive enterprise security system, including labor protection, environmental protection, fire and industrial safety, and emergency protection.

The training process involves experienced professional practitioners: representatives of specialized enterprises, authorities that manage environmental issues and ensure safety of enterprises and areas.

Undergraduates are engaged in laboratories equipped with modern devices for monitoring chemical and physical pollution of the industrial areas and environment.

Knowledge, skills and abilities

You will learn to:

  • organize activities for environment protection at the level of enterprises, territorial-industrial complexes and regions;
  • manage professional, man-made and environmental risks within the framework of the company's activities;
  • perform calculations of the technical and economic efficiency of measures aimed at improving the safety and environmental friendliness of production;
  • evaluate the costs of eliminating the consequences of accidents and catastrophes for making informed economic decisions;
  • use modern information technologies in safety (graphic editors, programs for building dependencies and statistical information processing, a specialized program for physical modeling of mass and heat transfer processes PHOENIX).

What else you need to know

  • undergraduates can choose an individual path of study in certain areas: environmental safety, labor protection, emergency responses;
  • graduates have an opportunity to continue their postgraduate studies in the areas of Technosphere Safety, Ecology, Fire and Industrial Safety (by industry), Devices and Methods for Monitoring the Natural Environment, Substances, Materials and Products.