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  • Multi-skilled professionals to run real design projects through computer technology and research methods.


Program Overview

A designer is someone who creates models of the world around, real or virtual. Unlike an artist, a designer does not paint, but visualizes ideas and projects. Designers have dozens of specializations, being able to deal with samples of industrial products, transport, household items, advertising, books, etc. In industry, they create samples of products with advanced aesthetic and ergonomic qualities, thus making them more competitive.

You will master computer graphics, modeling and animation, design software packages, learn how to work on a 3D visualization installation and specialized machines in a pilot production center. Graduates can continue their studies at TPU Master’s program in the Industrial Design profile.


Internship Opportunities

  • Tomsk Regional Art Museum 
  • Museum of Slavic mythology, Tomsk
  • Seversk museum
  • Special Economic Zones of Technology-innovative Type in Tomsk. Center for Innovation and Technology
  • Design Office, Seversk 
  • Pro M Design, Tomsk
  • INTELLECT Center for Youth Innovative Creativity, Tomsk
  • Art school, Tomsk
  • FORTRESS Furniture factory, Tomsk


Skills and Competences

  • analyze the requirements for a design project, draw up detailed specifications
  • synthesize all possible solutions to a problem, provide a scientific rationale for proposals made
  • draw and use drawings further to design any object
  • have basic knowledge of academic painting, sculpturing, are good at fonts, layout, working with color, easel graphics, principles of typesetting 
  • develop project ideas, deal with design solutions from a conceptual and creative perspective  
  • design goods, industrial prototypes, objects 
  • prepare a full set of documentation for a design project, provide basic business calculations 


Employment Opportunities

  • Titan Media advertising agency, Nizhnevartovsk
  • Technopoisk REDMOND, St. Petersburg
  • INTEC Group, Tomsk
  • FilmDirectionFX VFX Studio, Moscow
  • Mighty Buildings Inc., Moscow
  • Avalanche studios, Sweden



  • S.S. Tonoyan, Head of Design, Animation and Visualization Department of Mighty Buildings Inc., Moscow 
  • N. Odinokova, visual effects artist at Avalanche studios, Sweden