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Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical engineers who update machine-building production, introduce new technologies and equipment, and maintain complex science-intensive production.


Program Overview  

Mechanical engineers create the cornerstone of any production – equipment. Therefore, mechanical engineering remains the main branch of the world industry, science-intensive and strongly relying on new technologies. You will learn how to develop competitive products, technologies for their production, you will understand modern technologies and equipment, and you will be able to foster science.

ME graduates can work as process engineers who deals with various aspects of metal forming processes, engineers for rationalization and invention, automation and mechanization of production, designers, and manage machine-building production.


Skills and Competences

  • design parts and assemblies of engineering structures
  • develop technological and production documentation 
  • master technological processes during the launch of new products, check the quality of installation and commissioning during testing and commissioning of new samples of products, assemblies and parts of manufactured products
  • provide technical equipment for workplaces 
  • specify the technical and operational parameters of parts and assemblies during their design 


Internship and Employment Opportunities

  • Prom-Mech, Tomsk
  • SibBurEnergo, Tomsk
  • KAMAZ, Tatarstan
  • Ust-Kamenogorsk Valve Plant 
  • Surgutneftegas
  • Taukenaltyn, Kazakhstan
  • Rostselmach
  • SibMach Ltd, Tomsk
  • Tomskneftekhim 
  • MION, Tomsk
  • Tomsk Vakhrushev Electromechanical Plant 
  • Polus Research and Production Center, Tomsk 
  • Atomtechenergo Company, Smolensk region
  • Central Research Institute for Machine Building, Smolensk region
  • Research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences 
  • Roscosmos enterprises 
  • Rostec enterprises 



  • A.N. Avstrievskikh, General Director of Artlife LLC 
  • V.V. Vasiliev, Director of SibMach Ltd
  • E.N. Pankratov, Director of Siberian Machine-Building Company 
  • D.V. Ens, Director of Promdetal LLC 
  • S.E. Bukhanchenko, Director of TRIBOSS LLC 
  • M.P. Postorov, Deputy Chief Technologist of Manotom Company