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Heat and Power Engineering and Heat Engineering

  • Specialists for thermal and nuclear power plants, the development of control systems for power generating sector and power plant engineering, the design and operation of heat technology plants and power supply for industry and the housing and utilities infrastructure

Program Overview

Heat power engineering is a core branch of modern economy. Over recent years, there have been the energy security measures in all Russian regions provided and autonomous heating systems developed. The heat power engineers work in heat and nuclear power plants, industrial, power and engineering companies, research and design institutions, heating supply companies. 

TPU is a leading Russian university in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of RF ranking in training the heat power specialists. The Master’s programs on heat power engineering are available as well. 

Internship Opportunities

  • Siberian Generatin Company JSC
  • Far East Generating Company JSC
  • Tomskaya Generatsiya Inter RAO 
  • Rosenergoatom 
  • Surgutneftegaz
  • Atomproject, St.Peterburg
  • Gazprom Dobycha, Yamburg
  • Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia 
  • Biaxplen T, Tomsk 
  • Yakutskenergo 
  • Krasnodar YUGENERGO Engineering
  • Tomsk Oil and Gas Research and Design Institute 
  • RusHydro Power Generating Company 
  • Almaty heating services 
  • Astana Energia 
  • Karaganda Ergonomica
  • Institute of Technological and Economy Research, Nursultan 
  • Kokshetau Zhylu

Skills and Competences

  • the development of resource-efficient technology for generating, transporting, distribution and consuming of electrical and heat energy 
  • the improvement of processes and the solution of technological and economic problems using the IT systems  
  • the operation of automation facilities 
  • the environment protection knowledge for the purposes of heat power industry 
  • English for Specific Purposes 

Employment Opportunities

  • Electrogeneratsia Inter RAO 
  • Tomskaya Generatsiya Inter RAO 
  • Territorial Generating Company 11
  • Rosenergoatom
  • Surgutneftegaz Plc
  • Lonas Tekhnologia JSC, Tomsk
  • Krasnodar YUGENERGO Engineering


  • V. Nakoriakov, a full member of Russian Academy of Science 
  • D. Lebed, Director of Luchegorsk Fuel and Energy Complex Л
  • V. Gaak, Director General of Omsk Territorial Generating Company 11
  • Yu. Lermontov, Director of Kuzbassenergoremont 
  • P. Chernenok, Director of Omsk CHPP 5 
  • K. Krivoguzov, Director of Omskenergoremont 
  • A. Burdukov, Professor the Institute of Thermal Physics SB RAS 
  • I. Solomin, Director of Krasnoyarsk CHPP 
  • K. Vervain, Director of Kemerovo CHPP