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Optical Engineering

  • Specialists in the field of laser and light processing technology for research and industrial sectors.

Program Overview

Only three Russian universities provide the academic programs in optical engineering. The students are trained to work with laser-based facilities and automated optical systems, gain experience in design, development, operating and maintenance of technical optics, optical electronic instruments and facilities, lighting systems, smart LED lighting for medical, navigation, military, scientific purposes as well as for optical inspection, biophotonics, smart houses, indoor, outdoor and architectural lighting. They develop functional optical materials for photonics, technical optics, optical and laser electronics, energy-efficient lighting technology. 

Skills and Competences

  • design and development of optical and optoelectronic devices, optical facilities and their parts using the computer-aided engineering systems;  
  • development and introduction of technological production, metrological supervision and quality insurance of optical and optoelectronic facilities, devices, tools, elements and optical coating of different purposes.  

Internship and Employment Opportunities 

  • Tomsk Research Institute of Semiconductor Devices JSC 
  • Gorseti Electric Utilities Company, Tomsk 
  • Zuev Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS 
  • Institute of High Current Electronics SB RAS 
  • SibIC Siberian Engineering Company, Tomsk 
  • Svetservice, Tomsk 
  • Topaz Research & Innovation Company, Tomsk 
  • Crystal T Company, Tomsk 
  • Optical and Laser Technology Center, Tomsk 
  • Phystech-Energo Company, Tomsk 
  • Perm Research and Production Instrument Engineering Company 
  • AvtoVaz, Togliatti
  • Sarapul Energy Generator Manufacturing Plant 
  •, Moscow 
  • Lighting Technology Company, Moscow 
  • AliansStroySvet Company, Moscow 
  • PA "UOMP" JSC, Yekaterinburg 
  • Rostov Optical and Mechanical Plant 
  • VNIITF Rosatom, Snezhinsk 
  • VNIIEF Rosatom, Sarov 


Irina Ovtcharova – Senior Project Manager and Lighting Installation Consultant in Esteem Projects & Consultancy EPC London. She developed the lighting networks for 2019 Pan American Games, 2018 FIFA World Cup,  PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018, Rio Summer Olympics 2016