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Philosophy, Ethics and Religion Studies

Philosophy, Ethics and Religion Studies

Scientific supervisor: I.B. Ardashkin


Research topics: Terminological planning process in modern society: social and philosophical approach


Scientific supervisor: I.V. Brylina

Research topics: Education of the future: transition to educational ecosystems.

Transition ways to a new educational model and the role of universities

Management of sustainable development of society

Conceptual model of noospheric knowledge.


Scientific supervisor: M.V. Goncharenko

Research topics: Logical and philosophical analysis of the pragmatics of language (analysis of the indeterminacy of translation concept by Willard Quine).

Philosophical analysis of phenomenological and analytical attitudes in the understanding of meaning through the lens of the philosophy of science of the 20th – 21st centuries.

Analysis of a priori knowledge and semantic conventionalism


Scientific supervisor: N.A. Kolodiy


Research topics: The philosophy of an anthropocentric smart city: rethinking contemporary social and spatial development

Social anthropology of the digital city

Assembling the city: philosophical and cultural refocusing

City: from Essentialism to Constructionism


Scientific supervisor: O.T. Loyko

Research topics: Language as a phenomenon of cultural memory

Archetypes of cultural memory


 Scientific supervisor: N.A. Lukyanova


Research topics: Cognitive semiotics

Philosophy of communication

Social constructivism