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Scientific supervisor: G.A. Barysheva


Research topics: Social and economic transformation of the labour market and employment under the economy digitalization conditions.

Institutions for realizing human resource potential in a new service logic and digital format.

State institutions for effective interaction of resource markets: labour, production capital, finance.


Scientific supervisor: M.A. Gassanov


Research topics: Structural transformation under the economy’s cyclical instability conditions

Structural changes in the economy as a consequence of digital transformation


Scientific supervisor: S.A. Zhironkin


Research topics: Structural transformation of the economy under evolvement of new innovative and investment platforms

Structural shifts in the system of the global type network economy

Neo-industrial development of the "small open economy" under globalization

Technology multiplier in the system of sustainable economic growth of the transformational economy

Structural and reproduction changes in the age of economic deglobalization

Regulation of structural changes under the conditions of economic adaptation to exogenous shocks


 Scientific supervisor: I.E. Nikulina

Research topics: Performance management at the enterprises.

Modern directions for the development of theory and practice of management

Digital management

Organizational labour economics management


 Scientific supervisor: V.V. Spitsyn

Research topics: Factors of high-tech industries enterprises’ development in Russia during the crisis.

Generation and development of new enterprises in view of industries and territories of Russia.

Impact of the ownership structure on dynamics and efficiency of enterprise development.


 Scientific supervisor: N.O. Chistyakova

Research topics: Management of regional competitiveness in the age of globalization.

Transformation of economic relations in the context of a global economic system