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Materials Technology

Materials Technology

Scientific supervisor: S.P. Buyakova

Research topics: Laminated metals for extreme operating conditions


Scientific supervisor: Zh.G. Kovalevskaya

Research topics: Study of the structure and properties of materials obtained by additive technologies


Scientific supervisor: E.A. Kolubaev

Research topics: Study of methods to suppress directional crystallization in high-performance electron-beam 3D printing.

Structure and properties of heat-proof nickel alloys produced by high-performance electron-beam 3D printing.

Creation of composite materials and bimetallic structures using high-performance electron-beam 3D printing.


 Scientific supervisor: S.N. Kulkov

Research topics: 2. Development of scientific basis for directed synthesis of 3D meta-structures with the required and reproducible functional characteristics


Scientific supervisor: S.V. Panin

Research topics: Structure and properties of permanent joints of composites based on high-temperature thermoplastics formed by ultrasonic welding


 Scientific supervisor: S.Yu. Tarasov

Research topics: Additive manufacturing technologies. Friction stir welding and machining. Tribology.