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Geology, Exploration and Development of Minerals

Geology, Exploration and Development of Minerals

Scientific supervisor: P.V. Burkov


Research topics: Development of a methodology for assessing risks under modernizing design solution for a section of a gas transmission system


 Scientific supervisor: V.I. Erofeev


Research topics: Development of technologies for deep purification of natural gas from water impurities and gaseous sulphur-containing compounds.

Development of processes and technologies for deep purification of associated petroleum gases from water impurities and sulphur compounds.

Development of enhanced oil recovery processes using inorganic and organic gels.


 Scientific supervisor: M.V. Korovkin

Research topics: Assessment of the quartzites’ transformation degree as a source of high-purity quartz raw materials

Impact of the opal-cristobalite-tridymite phase of silica on permeability and gas saturation of poorly permeable siliceous-clayey reservoirs

Topaz crystals luminescence features of different genesis


 Scientific supervisor: K.M. Minaev


Research topics: Development of new systems of drilling muds with nonlinear rheological properties

Improving the oil well killing technology using blocking agents and killing fluids based on hydrocarbons


 Scientific supervisor: S.N. Kharlamov

Research topics: Numerical simulation of the wells with horizontal sections’ hydrodynamic cleanup process