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Technical Physics

Particle Beam and Plasma Technologies program, managed by Valery Pavlovich Krivobokov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Head of B.P. Weinberg's Department Scientific and Educational Center , +7 (3822) 606418, +7 (3822) 701777 x, Building No. 11, office 222,

Specialists in applied physics related to the creation and operation of high-tech industries based on radiation and plasma technologies are in great demand today. In recent years, ion-plasma technologies have been widely used in all industrially developed countries. There is no alternative to them in industry as a means for modifying the physical properties and synthesis of materials, including nanostructured materials, which have great prospects for practical use.

Masters of the program can develop fundamental and applied aspects of technology and implement the results of scientific research in industry. The training program has been running since 2012 and it is focused on the needs of the Siberian region, Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Knowledge, skills and abilities

You will be able to:

  • perform scientific work on the study of the properties of solid body surface, physics of gas discharge plasma;
  • develop technologies for modifying materials in vacuum;
  • develop gas-discharge plasma sources;
  • implement technologies of ion-plasma processing of materials.

What else you need to know

  • Tomsk universities and academic institutes are actively conducting research in generation and transportation of charged particle and plasma beams, creation of plasma equipment, and the effect of radiation fluxes on matter;
  • Masters work in research, design and engineering, and production and technological fields.