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Scientific supervisor: N.V. Baranovskaya.


Research topics: Comprehensive geoecological studies of the animal geophagy areas in Siberia and the Far East


Scientific supervisor: N.V. Guseva


Research topics: Geochemical and biogeochemical processes on the shelf of the Eastern Arctic seas.



Scientific supervisor: E.M. Dutova


Research topics: Geochemistry of water natural and man-made systems


Scientific supervisor: V.I. Isaev


Research topics: Oil and gas interpretation of geological and geophysical data


Scientific supervisor: I.A. Melnik


Research topics: Low-resistance reservoirs as a cause of secondary geochemical processes

Determination of missed oil-saturated low-resistance reservoirs per well log data.


Scientific supervisor: V.S. Rukavishnikov


Research topics: Improved prediction of permeability in non-uniform carbonate reservoirs

Modeling the transition zone in carbonate reservoirs by improving facies models via rock typing.

Development of methodology for modeling and interpreting well test data for fracture analysis and subsequent explicit modeling of the fracture network (DFN)

Application of analytical solution of problems of fluid flow in the reservoir to determine the reservoir properties in order to reduce timing and update the reservoir model


Scientific supervisor: O.G. Savichev


Research topics: Diffuse sources of water bodies and measures for their elimination


Scientific supervisor: L.A. Strokova

Research topics: Pipeline design in permafrost areas


Scientific supervisor: Ye.G. Yazikov


Research topics: Ecogeochemistry of natural components of urbanized territories