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Physics and Astronomy

Physics and Astronomy

Scientific supervisor: A.A. Babaev


Research topics:

Analysis of luminosity monitoring data in CMS experiment

Simulation study of the possibilities to focus a beam with a spherically curved crystal

Scientific supervisor: A.A. Bespalko


Research topics: Numerical and experimental modeling of IR radiometry and electromagnetic emission for control and forecast of destructive processes in defective dielectric solid structures.

Scientific supervisor: B.V. Borisov


Research topics: Heating of various size rooms with gas infrared emitters, taking into account the influence of ventilation and equipment placed in the room

Thermal interaction of droplets (particles) of multicomponent fuel mixture with high-temperature oxidizer flow

Scientific supervisor: A.V. Galazhinsky


Research topics: Geometry and dynamics of integrable systems with finite number of freedom degrees

Scientific supervisor: V.V. Gauzshteyn



Research topics: Experimental study of photoreactions with a tensor-polarized deuterium target

Scientific supervisor: D.O. Glushkov


Research topics: Scientific justification for the conversion of coal-fired thermal power plants to composite fuel from industrial and municipal waste

Scientific supervisor: A.S. Gogolev


Research topics: Development of spectral X-ray tomography methods for fuel rod control

Preclinical Multimodal Tomograph PET/SPECT / iCT with Sub-MM Resolution

Scientific supervisor: B.P. Gritsenko

Research topics: Investigation of structure and optical properties of inhomogeneous oxide materials

Scientific supervisor: O.V. Gromova

Research topics: The study of deuterosubstituted modifications of the ethylene molecule on the example of C2D4 molecule.

Scientific supervisor: F.A. Gubarev

Research topics: Remote study of high-temperature processes in real time

Research supervisor: D.D. Dann

Research topics: Development of defect and strength control criteria of building materials operated in aggressive media based on the phenomenon of acoustic-electrical transformations.

Scientific supervisor: I.S. Egorov

Research topics: Energy dissipation of pulsed electron beams with wide spectrum of electron kinetic energies in high-pressure gases

Scientific supervisor: S.P. Zenkin

Research topics: Development of scientific principles for obtaining anti-icing coatings based on elements with low electronegativity

Scientific supervisor: A.G. Knyazeva.

Research topics: Modeling of powder melting by laser pulse based on the Maxwell model (combination with an experiment is welcome)

Modeling of powder melting by laser pulse based on the Maxwell model (combination with experiment is welcome)

Simulation of filtration combustion waves in media with double porosity

Study of reaction sintering of powder compositions with metallothermic reactions (possibly combined with experiment)

Scientific supervisor: A.G. Korotkikh

Research topics: Burning of power-intensive metal combustibles in oxidizing environments

Study of mass and energy transfer processes in the combustion front of heterogeneous systems


Scientific supervisor: S.N. Kulkov

Research topics: Study of deformation and destruction laws of meta-materials based on refractory compounds;

Scientific supervisor: A.M. Lider

Research topics: Development of scientific and technical bases for chromium coatings of zirconium alloy E110, including welded joints, for manufacturing of accident-resistant components of the nuclear reactor cores

Development of physical and chemical bases for composites based on hydride-forming metals and organometallic frameworks for high-performance hydrogen storage materials

Electron-positron annihilation in organometallic structures

Development of scientific and technical bases of hydrogen extraction

Development of materials based on MAX phases for next-generation nuclear power

Scientific supervisor: S.A. Linnik

Research topics: Development of diamond coatings reinforced with carbon nanotubes

Scientific supervisor: V.M. Lisitsyn.

Research topics: Radiation synthesis of optical materials

Scientific supervisor: E.N. Lysenko.

Research topics: Preparation and investigation of lithium ferrites properties with rare earth elements

Scientific supervisor: V.F. Myshkin.

Research topics: Study of plasma isotopic effects in low-temperature heterogeneous plasma in magnetic field

Development of plasma technologies and laser methods for diagnostics of heterogeneous plasma parameters

Development of methods for obtaining and using isotope-modified materials

Scientific supervisor: N.N. Nikitenkov.

Research topics: Hydrogen isotopes in thin-film systems and coatings (distribution and bonding features). Applied aspect: Protection against hydrogen embrittlement and corrosion of materials and products operated under extreme conditions

Scientific supervisor: E.F. Polisadova.

Research topics: Luminescence and short-live defects in storage phosphor crystals

Development of radiation synthesis method for luminescent refractory materials

Study of light-color environment impact on perception of food retail products

Scientific supervisor: A.P. Potylitsyn

Research topics: Cherenkov diffraction radiation of relativistic charged particles


Scientific supervisor: G.E. Remnev.

Research topics: Development and research of vacuum plasmodynamic window

Investigation of ultrashort-lived isotope synthesis using high-energy pulsed high-power ion beams.

Experimental study of collective ion acceleration based on accelerator with plasma-erosion disconnector.

Investigation of switching characteristics of a multichannel controlled spark gap based on compressed gas as part of high-voltage frequency generator.


Scientific supervisor: S.V. Rozhkova.

Research topics: Development of methods for queuing systems study

Development of research methods for single-channel queuing systems with feedback


Scientific supervisor: M.M. Rychkov.

Research topics: Formation of electron beams of a small-sized medical betatron


Scientific supervisor: P.A. Strizhak.

Research topics: Energy-efficient ignition of high-energy materials by local heating sources.

Composite liquid fuels for industrial heat and power engineering.

Thermal liquid purification based on the effect of explosive destruction of droplets.

Theoretical foundations of advanced reactor cooling technology.

Investigation of liquid atomization and cooling in towers by optical diagnostics of steam-gas flows.

Advanced fire-extinguishing technologies.

Environmentally friendly disposal of industrial and household waste.


Scientific supervisor: A.N. Subbotin.

Research topics: Thermophysical justification of technologies for the conversion of organic fuels for energy purposes


Scientific supervisor: R.A. Surmenev.

Research topics: Preparation and study of coatings of multiferroics or ferroelectrics by RF-magnetron deposition

Development of new types of functional piezoceramics

Modeling of piezoelectric metamaterials or nanogenerators with improved piezoelectric response by finite element method

Development of new types of piezo generators

Production and research of piezoelectric metamaterials with improved piezoelectric response

Hydrothermal synthesis of piezoelectric nanostructures for flexible electronics and renewable energy

Microwave hydrothermal synthesis of piezocrystals, nanoparticles

Development and research of advanced RELAXOR ferroelectrics for microelectronics

Development and research of magnetoelectric nanoparticles for solving problems of modern biology and medicine

Investigation of methods for producing magnetoelectric materials with gigantic magnetoelectric response

First-principle modeling of various materials and coatings

Predicting mechanical properties of polymers and composites based on them from the first principles


Scientific supervisor: M.A. Surmeneva

Research topics: Development of scientific basis for the method of post-processing of rod and sheet products after obtaining layer-by-layer electron-beam synthesis and its influence on the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the spatial-mesh material

Modeling of mechanical properties of metallic mesh or porous materials with different topologically organized structures using the finite element method

Production and research of new types of low-modulus titanium alloys based on the Ti-Nb system using additive electron-beam melting technology

Comprehensive study of the processes of material deformation and fatigue failure using experimental methods under quasi-static and dynamic loading


Scientific supervisor: A.Yu.Trifonov

Research topics: Theoretical study of the structure and dynamics of hadrons using phenomenological models

Asymptotic methods in nonlinear equations in mathematical physics



Scientific supervisor: Yu.I. Tyurin

Research topics: Dynamics of hydrogen isotope yield under radiation and thermal effects of dilution of welds of main gas pipelines

Collective electronic states in metal-hydrogen systems.

Heterogeneous chemiluminescence in atomic hydrogen and oxygen-containing gases


Scientific supervisor: O.N. Ulenekov

Research topics: The study of deuterosubstituted modifications of the ethylene molecule on the example of the C2H2D2-trans molecule.


Scientific supervisor: D.V. Feoktistov

Research topics: Development of a method for removing high-density heat flows from the surfaces of continuously cast billet under conditions of microexplosive dispersion of non-combustible emulsion and suspension drops when they irrigate the slab surface in the secondary cooling zone of continuous casting machines


Scientific supervisor: A.I. Fix

Research topics: Interaction of photons and mesons in low-nucleon nuclei


Scientific supervisor: Yu.P. Sharkeev

Research topics: Resorbable high-strength magnesium and calcium alloys for medical applications. Structure, properties, processing

Scientific supervisor: A.E. Shevelev

Research topics: Development of methods for reconstructing a physical event in an experiment to search for physics beyond the NA64 Standard Model (CERN)

Investigation of radiation resistance of solid-state threshold detectors of the Emergency beam reset Monitoring system BCML of the CMS detector (CERN)


Scientific supervisor: E.S. Sheremet

Research topics: Study of the principles of flexible transistor formation based on carbon nanomaterials

Development of unique methods for analysis of nanomaterials using nanoantennas

Development of nanocomposites for applications in biocompatible electronics


Scientific supervisor: V. F. Shtanko

Research topics: Radiation-stimulated processes in dielectrics and semiconductors

Radiative recombination of short-lived radiation defects in straight-band semiconductors