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  • Professional managers are managers of various levels for enterprises of the real sector of the economy, those who start their own business.

Program Overview

Grooming top engineering & economy specialists, business analysts, proactive leaders, business owners focused on the organization, planning and development of business processes of industrial enterprises, searching and overcoming economic restrictions of modern industries, running programs and projects geared towards better business operational and economic performance. 

Production Management program opens up new horizons of professional training, keeps the specialists in demand in the labor market, provides an opportunity to apply one's knowledge in a wide scope of economic activity. 

Management at TPU is a unique center with long-term experience in training managers, economists and business owners for Russian industrial enterprises. 

The School of Engineering Entrepreneurship is a learning platform with successfully integrated modern approaches to gaining hands-on skills in engineering entrepreneurship, management, marketing, lean production and economics.


By choosing us you will

  • become a top professional in technical & economic domains, proactive organizer, business analyst with updated competencies in economy, planning and organizing the operations of industrial enterprises, skills focused on better operating performance of today's companies and competitive production
  • gain real experience of participation in projects aimed at boosting labor productivity at Russian companies and institutions
  • acquire competence in production and corporate governance, as well as obtain insights into business processes simulation
  • network with leading Russian and international business people, specialists and experts in production management
  • study using cutting-edge equipment, including the unique TPU Process Factory learning system with the simulation of real-world manufacturing and office workflows.


Internship Opportunities

  • Tomlesdrev LLC
  • Tomskaya Domostroitelnaya Kompaniya OJSC
  • Tomsk Region Administration
  • Siberian Chemical Combine JSC
  • Gazpromneft-Vostok LLC
  • Research and Production Company Micran JSC
  • SPC Polus Tomsk
  • Tomsk product company SAVA LLC
  • Tomskneftekhim LLC
  • Tomsk Cable Plant LLC
  • Tomsk Mills JSC
  • KDV Group
  • EleSy JSC
  • Sibirskaya Agrarnaya Gruppa
  • and others


Skills and Competences

  • professional engineering, economic, organizational and administrative competencies
  • competencies in the development of modern production systems, the implementation of lean production tools, TQM, the formation of logistic systems, financial and management accounting systems sought-after by many Russian and foreign companies
  • competencies in decision-making areas in a rapidly changing environment and conditions of uncertainty
  • project competencies geared towards better business processes operational performance, the optimization and development of production flows/processes at industrial enterprises
  • economic and administrative competencies for launching one’s own projects and businesses 



  • O. V. Kozlovskaya – chairman, Legislative Duma of Tomsk Region
  • M. A. Ryabykin – businessman, founder of DAISYKNIT brand
  • D. E. Rubtsov – deputy CEO, Tomsk Mills JSC
  • I. A. Zhigalev – founder of Tom-Teks LLC, Miloslava trademark