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Nuclear Physics and Technology

Professionals in the field of nuclear physics and technology for nuclear fuel cycle enterprises in Russia and foreign countries.

Program Overview

Graduates receive practical skills in in the field of maintenance of nuclear power plants, their design, dosimetry, safe handling of nuclear materials, gain experience in applying the achievements of nuclear and atomic physics in production and in scientific research.

Industrial training takes place at enterprises of the nuclear industry, chemical or petrochemical industry. Research activities take place at scientific institutes, universities, research nuclear reactors and companies, which use high-tech nuclear technologies. In addition to nuclear energy and mechanical engineering enterprises, specialists are in demand in medicine, education, production and operation of complex equipment.

Internship Opportunities

  • Atomproekt (St. Petersburg)
  • JSC Atomtekhenergo (Moscow)
  • JSC Atomtechenergo, Rostov branch (Volgodonsk)
  • National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kurchatov)
  • All-Russian Research Institute of Technical Physics (Snezhinsk)
  • All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics (Sarov)
  • P. Konstantinov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute 
  • Nuclear power plants (Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant, Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Station, Rostov Nuclear Power Plant, Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant, Kola Nuclear Power Plant, Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant,
  • Smolensk Nuclear Power Plant, Baltic Nuclear Power Plant) 

Skills and Competences

apply fundamental laws of natural sciences, physical and mathematical apparatus, methods of mathematical analysis and modeling for solving problems in the field of nuclear technology
apply advanced research equipment for creating and implementing nuclear technology
participate in designing and engineering activities, design and develop functional and structural elements of equipment and assemblies of experimental and industrial electrophysical devices in modern nuclear technology
know safety engineering in the nuclear energy production industry

Employment Opportunities

Siberian Chemical Combine (Seversk)
Mining and Chemical Combine (Zheleznogorsk)
Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (Dimitrovgrad)
State Research Center - Institute for High Energy Physics (Protvino)
Atomproekt (St. Petersburg)
JSC Atomtekhenergo (Moscow)
JSC Atomtechenergo, Rostov branch (Volgodonsk)
P. Konstantinov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute 
SRC Kurchatov Institute
Research Center - Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna)
All nuclear power plants in Russia


Pereguda V.I. — Director, Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant
Shutikov A.V. — First Deputy General Director for Nuclear Power Plant Operation, Rosenergoatom JSC
Cherepnin Yu.S. — Chief Designer, Director of the Department, NIKIET JSC