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Biotechnical Systems and Technologies

  • Developers of electronic medical devices and systems


Program Overview

You will join teams that create high-tech medical devices, biomechanical prostheses, robotic medical systems, artificial organs and life support systems. Gain knowledge and competence in electronics, robotics, biophysics, biomechanics and biochemistry.

Our students interact with medical companies, conduct research under the auspices of the Siberian State Medical University. Graduates engage in scientific research, R&D, manage projects in the development, manufacture and operation of medical equipment and biotechnical systems.


Internship Opportunities

  • Almazov National Medical Research Centre (Saint-Petersburg) 
  • Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency (Moscow) 
  • Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant
  • Motorica (Moscow) 
  • Medtekhnika (Tomsk) 
  • NIKOR (Tomsk) 
  • Belgrad Rentgen
  • Khiron (Barnaul)
  • G.Ya. Remishevskaya RCH (Abakan) 
  • National Ilizarov Medical Research Center for Traumatology & Ortopedics (Kurgan)
  • Tomsk Regional Clinical Hospital
  • MedAzimut (Tomsk) 
  • Electropulse (Tomsk) 


Skills and Competences

  • simulate components and processes of biotechnical systems, research them using professional CAD suites and self-developed software
  • analyze, calculate, engineer and design systems, devices, parts and assemblies of medical devices and biotechnical systems
  • analyze, calculate, engineer and design robotic biomechanical prostheses and telehealth devices
  • develop methods and means of non-invasive and minimally invasive diagnostics
  • deal with certification of equipment, systems, processes, tools and materials, carry out verification, installation, commissioning and adjustment of equipment, software set-up
  • assemble, configure and adjust units of biotechnical systems and medical devices, including those related to the inclusion of a human operator in the control loop.


Employment Opportunities

  • Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant
  • Motorica (Moscow) 
  • Medtekhnika (Tomsk) 
  • NIKOR (Tomsk) 
  • Electropulse (Tomsk) 



  • S.V. Zykov – head of the Department of ultrasonic equipment and clinical systems, service department Eastern Russia General Electrics (Novosibirsk)
  • S.О. Ogar – field engineer, driller at the National Oil and Gas Company (Thailand)
  • Е. Yu. Dikman – deputy director of project works, Diagnostika+ LLC
  • А. N. Rybakov – director of plant operations, LEMZ-Т LLC
  • S. P. Kislyuk – director, Khimmedsnab 
  • I. L. Andreyev – operational director, Medtekhservis LLC
  • O. S. Umanskiy – director, «Medtekhnika» RSUE
  • I. I. Indinok – head of the Novosibirsk Administration from 1991 to 1993, head of the Novosibirsk Region Administration from 1993 to 1995; UNESCO professor, the Department of Human Rights and Democracy at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
  • Ya. S. Pekker – chairholder of Biomedical Cybernetics department at Siberian State Medical University; professor, the Department of Industrial and Medical Electronics at TPU; full member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, International Informatization Academy, International Academy of Energy Information Sciences.