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Software Engineering

  • Specialists in the field of software development: from the design to the maintenance of the IT solutions and systems. 

Program Overview

Software engineering is one of new areas in Russian education aimed at the training of IT specialists. The students are trained to design, develop, test and install software systems. Also, they gain skills in business management. There are high-performance IT studying rooms, a well-equipped lecture room, a supercomputer cluster and the Computer Networks and Telecommunications lab available for students. 

Our graduates are sought-after specialists both in national and international labour markets. The Master’s program in software engineering, computing and computer science, IT systems and technology are available for your further academic study. 

Internship Opportunities

  • Siberian Information Systems, Tomsk
  • Tomsklesseti 
  • Tomsk Energy Maintenance Company 
  • Information Technology Center, Tomsk 
  • Tomskneft East Oil Company
  • INCOM Group, Tomsk
  • EleSy
  • Elecard Devices, Tomsk 
  • ProfConsultant, Tomsk 
  • Intant, Tomsk 
  • Polus Research and Production Center, Tomsk 
  • Contec Soft, Tomsk 
  • Mining and Chemical Combine, Krasnoyarsk Region

Skills and Competences

  • IT based engineering solutions  
  • the solution of the comprehensive analysis problems on the development of hard-and software for information and computer-aided systems 
  • project management in engineering sectors 
  • sufficient level of ESP proficiency 

Employment Opportunities

  • Sibedge 
  • Eco-Tomsk 
  • MCC Tomsk 
  • TomskSoft
  • Betronic, Tomsk 
  • SIGMA Nanotechnology Center, Novosibirsk 
  • Nigmatic Limited, Cyprus