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Education and Pedagogical Sciences

Education and Pedagogical Sciences

Scientific supervisor: L.V. Kapilevich


Research topics: Training and competitive process in cybersport


Scientific supervisor: N.A. Kachalov


Research topics: Professionally-oriented foreign language and culture teaching

Professional training for translators

Learning techniques for a second foreign language acquisition

Modern approaches and novel technologies for teaching foreign languages in various types of educational institutions


Scientific supervisor: V.M. Rostovtseva

Research topics: Formation of new competencies through a student course

Improving teaching methods for certain types of language skills using new educational technologies


Scientific supervisor: T.V. Sidorenko

Research topics: Methods of integrated subject and language teaching (technical university).

Special aspects of adult education (professional development programs aimed at training teachers working in the multilingual environment).

Methods for developing academic writing skills for senior students of a technical university

Teaching methods in technical translation for postgraduate students of technical disciplines