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Standartization and Metrology

Training program:

  • Measurement and Control Automation, managed by Sergey Vasilyevich Muravyov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Automation and Robotics,+7 (3822) 701777, +7 (3822) 701777 x 2776, Building No. 10, office 208в,

It is impossible to organize modern production based on high precision instruments and methods of measurements without metrology and standardization. Metrology, the science of measurements, ensuring their unity and achieving the required accuracy, is becoming a key factor in modernizing production and increasing competitiveness.

The program focuses on the creation and application of information technology in the field of standardization and metrology. The emphasis in training is placed on the computerization of measurements, the development of programming technologies for information measuring systems.

Graduates can create and use metrological and special software of the complexes that are a part of robotic technological lines, apply intelligent decision support systems.

Enterprises of various industries, small and large companies, government organizations are interested in this kind of specialists. Graduates can apply for the vacancies of a quality engineer, a standardization and certification engineer, a product quality controller, a quality manager, an auditor, a metrologist, and an operator.

Knowledge, skills and abilities

You will learn to:

  • maintain the effectiveness of systems for ensuring the reliability of measurements under adverse external effects and plan the modernization of these systems;
  • analyze the state and dynamics of metrological and regulatory support of production, standardization and certification, using progressive methods and tools;
  • develop regulatory and technical documentation, revise and harmonize technical regulations, standards and other documents on technical regulation, standardization, certification, metrological support and quality control;
  • automate the processes of measurements, control and testing in manufacturing and scientific research.