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Chemical Technology

Chemical Technology

Scientific supervisor: N.S. Belinskaya


Research topics: Modeling of crude oil hydroprocessing

Investigation of the impact of diesel fuel composition on the pour point depressant performance


Scientific supervisor: S.A. Boldyrev


Research topics: Study of the cross-impact of energy and water resources in industrial and territorial facilities

Experimental and theoretical studies of heat exchange systems in the production of monomers


Scientific supervisor: V.G. Bondaletov


Research topics: Protective anticorrosive compositions based on petroleum bitumen and modified highly oxidized atactic polypropylene

Preparation of silanol-crosslinked polymer compositions based on polydicyclopentadiene and silanol derivatives of norbornene

Preparation of mineral-filled polymer compositions based on polydicyclopentadiene and rubbers

Preparation of anti-adhesive modifiers based on polyfluorinated acids for polymer compositions based on copolymers of polydicyclopentadiene and vinyl monomers


Scientific supervisor: T.V. Vakalova.

Research topics: Ceramic proppants for hydraulic fracturing in oil and gas production.

Modern construction ceramics based on natural and man-made raw materials


Scientific supervisor: V.I. Vereshchagin


Research topics: Compositions and technology of alumonitride ceramics for power plants


Scientific supervisor: V.I. Erofeev

Research topics: Conversion of light hydrocarbon raw materials into liquid hydrocarbons with modified zeolite catalysts.


Scientific supervisor: E.D. Ivanchina.

Research topics: Resource-efficient technologies for production of motor fuels

Mathematical modeling of deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials


 Scientific supervisor: Ye.N. Ivashkina.


Research topics: Modeling of catalytic cracking of vacuum gas oil, taking into account transformations of sulfur-containing compounds

Mathematical modeling of catalytic cracking taking into account coke deposition on catalyst grain

CFD - simulation of catalytic reactors for deep processing of petroleum raw materials

Improving the technology for producing high-octane alkylates


 Scientific supervisor: O.V. Kazmina.

Research topics: Compositions and technology of high-temperature foaming porous glass composite with radio-absorbing properties


 Scientific supervisor: N.A. Mitina

Research topics: Water-draining magnesia binders hardening in humidity


 Scientific supervisor: L.O. Root, Ph. D.

Research topics: Physical and chemical properties and application of metal powders


 Scientific supervisor: E.V. Stepanova.

Research topics: Photoredox catalysis in carbohydrate chemistry


 Scientific supervisor: S.N. Kharlamov.

Research topics: Establishing regularities of petroleum products flow under heating, phase transformations in stable and transient modes of movement through pipelines

Enhancement of heat and mass transfer in multicomponent hydrocarbon gas media in separators


 Scientific supervisor: O.L. Khasanov.

Research topics: Development of technologies for manufacturing nanoceramic materials, transparent, luminescent in visible and IR spectrum ranges

Development of manufacturing technologies for functional nanostructured ceramic and composite materials