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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Scientific supervisor: A.Yu. Arlyapov


Research topics: Processing of materials by cutting and finishing plastic deformation

Residual stress management


Scientific supervisor: E.A. Yefremenkov


Research topics: The study of eccentricity impact on distribution of forces in the engagement of cycloidal transmission with intermediate rolling bodies.

Determination of relative angle of applied force in the engagement of two-pole cycloidal transmission with intermediate rolling elements.

Methods for reducing contact stresses in the engagement of cycloidal transmission with intermediate rolling elements.


Scientific supervisor: A.G. Knyazeva


Research topics: Control simulation of a synthesis of composites on a substrate using laser radiation (combination with an experiment is welcome)


Scientific supervisor: P. Ya. Krauinsh

Research topics: Study of kinematic and dynamic processes in kinematic wave reducers of mechatronic devices



Scientific supervisor: E.N. Pashkov


Research topics: Increasing durability of bearings due to forced movement of rolling elements

Investigation of interaction of the hydraulic pulse mechanism operational part with the rock


Scientific supervisor: L.A. Saruyev

Research topics: Research and improvement of roll-jet drilling method

Research and improvement of rotary-impact drilling of pilot wells for trenchless pipeline laying


Scientific supervisor: A.A. Svetashkov

Research topics: Calculation of the composite structure strength


Scientific supervisor: A.K. Tomilin


Research topics: The impact of a temperature factor on the metal cantilever rod vibration