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Electrical Engineering and Heat Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Heat Engineering

Scientific supervisor: M.V. Andreyev


Research topics: Researching the impact of parameters of a training mathematical power system model on learning efficiency of an artificial neural network that implements the protection operation algorithm, and the development of the corresponding training criteria

Development of technology to ensure the stability of modern electric power systems

Scientific supervisor: V.G. Bukreyev


Research topics: Investigation on the energy efficiency of a spacecraft’s solar battery during the active lifetime.



Scientific supervisor: V.E. Gubin


Research topics: Energy recycling of pyrolysis water as part of coal-water fuels


Scientific supervisor: A.S. Zavorin

Research topics: Improvement of fuel units to increase efficiency and environmental friendliness

Research of materials’ resource properties for power engineering industry

Research of pulverized coal combustion technologies in order to improve operational characteristics of boilers at thermal power plants



Scientific supervisor: S.N. Kladiev


Research topics:  Development of state observers and monitoring algorithms for variable-frequency submersible electric motors of borehole pumps for oil production


Scientific supervisor: V.I. Korepanov

Research topics: Development of technology for optical diagnostics of plant morphogenesis


Scientific supervisor: G.V. Kuznetsov

Research topics: Analysis of energy efficiency potential of heat pump installations


Scientific supervisor: V.V. Litvak


Research topics: Forecasting the efficient consumption of energy and water when repairing equipment at thermal power plants


Scientific supervisor: B.V. Lukutin


Research topics: Optimization of technical and economical characteristics of photo-hydraulic power supply systems


Scientific supervisor: A.O. Sulaymanov

Research topics: Electric power systems modeling


Scientific supervisor: R.B. Tabakaev

Research topics: Development of scientific and technical basis for resource-efficient pyrolysis of biomass into energetically valuable products


Scientific supervisor: V.Ya. Ushakov

Research topics: Energy industry trends in the aspect of reducing the negative impact on the environment.