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Photonics, Instrument Making, Optical and Biotechnical Systems and Technologies

Photonics, Instrument Making, Optical and Biotechnical Systems and Technologies

Scientific supervisor: D.K. Avdeeva



Research topics: Development of hardware and software systems based on nanosensors, algorithms and programs for wide application in medical diagnostics and prosthetics


Scientific supervisor: N.A. Agapov


Research topics: Design and optimization of optical systems


Scientific supervisor: P.F. Baranov

Research topics: High-sensitivity instruments for electrical and magnetic measurements


Scientific supervisor: A.A. Bespalko


Research topics: Development of acoustic-electromagnetic method of non-destructive testing of defective dielectric structures

Development of automated highly sensitive autonomous systems for recording electromagnetic and acoustic emissions of dielectric solid-state structures

Development of a comprehensive method based on IR radiometry and electromagnetic emission for monitoring and predicting the development of destructive processes in defective solid-state dielectric structures.


Scientific supervisor: K.S. Brazovsky / M.V. Belousov

Research topics: Targeted search for promising in silico drug candidates based on plant metabolites


Scientific supervisor: K.S. Brazovsky

Research topics: Software and hardware system for continuous monitoring of transplants

Software and hardware system for remote monitoring of patients with high risk of complications after chronic non-communicable diseases


Scientific supervisor: V.P. Vavilov


Research topics: Development of thermal tomography method for thermal non-destructive testing of impact damage in carbon fiber composites


Scientific supervisor: A.E. Goldstein.


Research topics: Development of eddy-current methods and thickness measuring instruments for electrically conductive non-magnetic wall


 Scientific supervisor: S.A. Gyngazov

Research topics: Development of a phase transformation control method in zirconium ceramics based on dilatometry


Scientific supervisor: E.N. Lysenko

Research topics: Preparation and investigation of ultrafine magnetite powder properties for medical applications


Scientific supervisor: Rodriguez Contreras Raul David


Research topics: Nano-electrochemistry


Soft Robotics

Sun-driven hydrogen generation

Flexible electronics

Development of unique nano-optics approaches

Lightweight materials for energy storage: New materials and architectures

Antibacterial graphene and metal-based nanocomposites


Scientific supervisor: N.K. Ryzhakova


Research topics: Study of underground water disposal into the shelf zones of Siberian Arctic seas using radioactive tracers

Study of the impact of rock geophysical properties on radioactive radon release

Development of radon hazard assessment method based on rock geophysical properties

Study of contamination of the atmosphere surface layer with heavy metals by biomonitoring

Study of transfer of emissions from large enterprises into the atmosphere surface layer


Scientific supervisor: A.I. Soldatov

Research topics: Sonic control with minimizing data volume from multi-element array

Distribution control of electric charges on the surface of calcium phosphate coatings


Scientific supervisor: A.P. Surzhikov

Research topics: Quality control of adhesive and cellular materials and products

Flaw detection of nonmetallic materials via induced pulsed electromagnetic radiation