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Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Scientific supervisor: O.M. Gerget.


Research topics: Methods and algorithms for detecting and classifying objects based on machine learning

Methods and algorithms of volumetric cardionavigation based on convolutional neural networks



Scientific supervisor: A.Yu. Demin.


Research topics: Development of methods and algorithms for visualization of industrial and emergency situations in virtual reality systems


Scientific supervisor: Jayakodi Arachshilaj Dushanta Nalin Kumara


Research topics: Physical layer energy efficient system design and resource optimization for 5G and beyond wireless communication networks



Scientific supervisor: A.I. Kochegurov


Research topics: Creation of oil field digital twin based on phase-frequency deconvolution of seismic data



Scientific supervisor: A.M. Malyshenko


Research topics: Addressing challenges of machinery kinematics based on their formalized description


Scientific supervisor: N.G. Markov


Research topics: Mathematical and software support of computer vision systems based on convolutional neural networks


Scientific supervisor: V.M. Pavlov


Research topics: Automated system for conducting experiments on KTM thermonuclear installation


Scientific supervisor: A.A. Ponomarev

Research topics: Biometric identification methods

Geochronological tracking systems/geoanalytics

Service-oriented genetic algorithms in decision support systems

Comprehensive health indicator


Scientific supervisor: A.S. Fadeev


Research topics: Modeling, synthesis and recognition of complex signals, sounds of musical instruments, human voice

Systems (adaptive, intelligent, flexible) for managing learning process and training


Scientific supervisor: S.G. Tsapko


Research topics: Software implementation of nonlinear tomography algorithms

Software package for intelligent planning of communication sessions of unmanned spacecraft and ground service stations

Neural network algorithms for predicting emergency situations on autonomous spacecraft

Algorithmic software for the ground-based spacecraft payload control system

Scientific supervisor: O.V. Shefer


Research topics: Development of algorithms and software for implementation of numerical models for basic characteristics of single scattering of crystal clouds