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Chemical Sciences

Chemical Sciences

Scientific supervisor: M.A. Gavrilenko


Research topics: Solidphase spectrophotometric determination of inorganic labels in water-in-oil emulsions


Scientific supervisor: F.A. Gubarev


Research topics: Multicomponent mixtures of metal nanopowders combustion regularities


Scientific supervisor: E.V. Dorozhko


Research topics: Biosensors development for the diagnosis of viral infections


Scientific supervisor: E.I. Korotkova


Research topics: Development of new disease markers detection methods for their early diagnostics

Identification of eco-toxicants in environmental objects


Scientific supervisor: E.A. Krasnokutskaya


Research topics: Synthesis of azole-based monomers for metal complex frameworks


Scientific supervisor: A.G. Pershina


Research topics: Role of blood cells in targeted delivery of magnetic nanoparticles after intravenous injection

Investigation of the biological properties of new piezo- and magnetoelectric materials


Scientific supervisor: A.N. Pestryakov


Research topics: Novel biodegradable copolymers based on betulin, organic acids and their derivatives

Formation and genesis of catalysts active surface for CO2 conversion into value-added chemicals

Formation and genesis of the active surface of nanometallic catalysts for liquid-phase oxidation of bioalcohols


Scientific supervisor: P.S. Postnikov

Research topics: Methods for covalent surface modification in materials chemistry

New hypervalent iodine reagents

Crystal-chemical design of non-covalent organic frameworks

Iodonium salts as tectones in crystal-chemical design

Plasmon-catalyzed reactions in organic synthesis


Scientific supervisor: G.B. Slepchenko


Research topics: Creation of electrochemical sensors based on organic and inorganic modifiers for the detection of drug substances

Product quality management in food and pharmaceutical industries


Scientific supervisor: V.D. Filimonov


Research topics:

Obtaining and research of new biologically active compounds


Scientific supervisor: A.I. Khlebnikov


Research topics: Synthesis of new oxime-based biologically active compounds